5 Tips to repair your online reputation

A company’s reputation is kind of like the pristine snow at the top of a steep, beautiful mountain – it’s all smooth and glistening and free of dirt.
If you are running a business, you’re often focused on building an ever-bigger online reputation for ourselves or our business. Happy customers leave shining reviews or share their positive brand experiences with friends and family on social media. While positive reviews help to build an online reputation but Negative reviews can be dangerous at the same time.

Not all online publicity is good publicity, It takes time efforts and hard work to grow your profile and reputation it can all come crashing down with one disgruntled review or unflattering news piece.

So what can you do if your online reputation has been damaged, whether by others or your own mistakes? In this digital age of free-flowing information, we can’t control what people say about us. And unless you own or have control over the site it appears on, you can’t simply delete it.

You don’t have to remain a victim of negative online news and reviews, and allow them to damage your career or business. Here are some strategies to hasten your comeback.

1. Routine monitoring
Routinely do searches for your name, business name, product names and related terms. Visit the pages to follow up with any reviews or comments.

2. Apologize if necessary
Sometimes — alas — you’re responsible for the mistake. A central tenet of crisis communications is to apologize as quickly as possible, so you don’t inflame the public or your bosses by appearing clueless or defiant.

3. Be upfront. Let’s face it

Any sane employer/customer/prospective will Google you the minute they’re serious about doing business with you. It’s far better to control the terms of disclosure

4. Be proactive and keep your search results positive!
By being proactive and regularly searching, you can stay on top of your online reputation, and if it is under attack, take steps to bury it or counterbalance it with more positive PR.

5. Get Professional help

If you’re a rare case with an online reputation problem that won’t stay six feet under, professional help might be the only solution. That’s true in cases in which your profile is dominated by unflattering news stories, bad client reviews, and details of a lawsuit.

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