Its a universe of innovation. We as a whole are completely dependent on internet these days. Grandmas stories are no longer in trend. Online facts have taken over grandma’s fairy-tales. My kid googles everything that i tell him and thinks he’s smarter lol. Well this is the situation now a days.

We all believe what we read online. Be it facts or online reviews. No longer do people get influenced by advertisements or mouth publicity. Online reviews are something that can influence your business in a good or a bad way.


Here are few ways online reviews have changed the way we shop:


1. Seeking Reviews Instead of Salespeople:

The insights and authenticity of online reviews have led to a drastic change on how consumers get information. Gone are the days, when consumers would turn to a salesperson when they had any concerns or doubts about a product’s durability or needed information about care and maintenance.

Now, if consumers need detailed insights on a brand they may want to buy, they turn to online reviews to answer their questions.

In fact, as per a survey when making a purchase, 91% of women consumers consider an online review rather than input from a salesperson in a store.


2. Determining Where to Buy:

Today, 87% of buyers say they check web based business audits for both on the web and physical purchases. Moreover, women consumers say they shop online more frequently (44%) than at physical stores (36%).

In a survey:

77% said they buy the product online, and

23% said they go to a physical store for their purchase

And they decide to buy it or not only after reading the reviews.


3. Closing the Deal:

Women consumers reviews ranks highest. As 85% say they consider online reviews extremely important when making a purchase, and 87% of women consumers now post online reviews either once in a while or frequently.

71% of consumers say online reviews plays a vital role when considering making a purchase in specific categories such as electronics, appliances, home décor, and more.
57% of women consumers check online reviews for certain categories (e.g., books, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc.) while 43% check reviews for all purchases.
Just 1% of consumers say they believe online reviews to be not at all important.

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