Importance of removing negative reviews for your business

In 2018, personal and business reputation is just as important as ever, but there’s a major difference between reputation management today and reputation management from years past. As you might have guessed, that difference is the internet. Specifically, it’s search engine results.



When a customer is about to spend money, nine out of ten check reviews on Google or Yelp first. That’s just how the world works in 2018, and it’s not going to change – the importance of online reputation will only grow in the coming years.



What this means for you, whether you’re a business owner or an individual professional, is that you don’t want people to see negative articles about you online when they search for you or your brand.



Negative online articles defame your name. Anyone can write negative content about you or your business, anyone can lie about you while keeping their name anonymous and anyone can see what’s said about you.



When you don’t control the negative items that appear in your search results, things get trickier. For example, a business might have claimed its Yelp page (a must for any business owner), but that doesn’t mean you can control negative reviews left by customers. In fact, in this case, it’s unlikely that anyone can remove them.



The best way to handle negative reviews is to get help from a well reputed online management company like ORM software, ALgorip software, Grow business now, Delete Negative reviews now, Add positive reviews now Not all content that you don’t control will be so easy to deal with, though. Many review sites allow posters to remain anonymous, which often brings out the worst in people. Likewise, individuals and businesses alike suffer from attacks via revenge and hate websites, ill-intentioned blog posts and databases displaying private information.



With reputation management, anything that can’t be removed can be suppressed, or buried deep in the latter pages of Google. Since few searchers ever click past the first page, let alone the second, it’s unlikely that your negative content will be discovered if it’s been pushed down to page three or four of Google search results.



Reputation management requires upward of 20 hours every week, per campaign, and it involves activities like claiming web properties, establishing an active social media presence across multiple platforms, creating useful online content that show you or your business in a good light and rebranding yourself.



If you think this sounds like a lot of work, you’re correct, but it’s more than worth the time or money spent to have an excellent image online.



Typical campaigns take between six and twelve months to successfully suppress all negative items and restore your good image online. This time can be longer or shorter depending on the severity of your situation.



The Importance of Proactive Reputation Management



Once your negative items are suppressed, you might be tempted to stop your online reputation management efforts, but this is a mistake. The only way to protect yourself in an ongoing manner is by proactive management. Think of it like purchasing insurance for your good name.



At Algorip, our trained team has helped thousands of clients restore and protect their names or their brands. We’ve also had clients who opted out of proactive management only to come back to square one when a new crisis occurs.



Don’t let your hard work be undone. Whether you choose to spend the 20 hours each week learning about online reputation management and handling the process yourself, or you work with us at Algorip, we strongly advise proactive management..



What proactive management does is build a constant barrier around you when people google your name. Think of it like keeping your house surrounded in sandbags when you live in a high flood risk area.



We’re Here to Help



We know that not everyone has the time to manage their own reputations. Many of us rarely have a moment to spare as it is, let alone trying to clear several hours each day to work on our reputation management. That’s why we’re here!



If you’d like a professional opinion on your reputation, click here for additional information.

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