How to Remove Facebook Reviews


You must be wondering how do i remove Facebook reviews? Is it true that you are tired and tired of bad Facebook reviews pursuing without end client?


In this post, I’ll uncover all that you have to think about how to remove reviews from Facebook. There’s a great deal to cover, so stay with me. By end of this post you’ll have the capacity to dispose of bad Facebook reviews, report fake ones, and even debilitate them all.


Potential customers every now and again ask us how to remove reviews from Facebook. Be that as it may, consider that question for a minute. It can really mean a few distinct things, isn’t that so? So we have to burrow somewhat more profound…


It is safe to say that you are attempting to report and remove fake reviews from Facebook?

Would you like to remove bad reviews from your Facebook business page?

Did you compose a review that you need to delete?

Would you like to turn off Recommendations and remove all reviews from your Facebook page?

We’ll answer every one of these inquiries in this well ordered guide.


Reach us if your organization’s income is being dragged somewhere near bad reviews. We’ll outline a venture reputation the board procedure to strengthen your whole search landscape.


Can’t you just ignore bad Facebook reviews?


Absolutely not.

Customers overwhelmingly turn to business reviews before they hand over their hard-earned money. Don’t believe me? Here are some Facebook review statistics to prove it:


90 percent of consumers look at online reviews before they visit a business.

84 percent of people trust them as much as they would trust a personal recommendation.

2 in 3 Facebook users visit local business pages at least once a week.

1 in 3 people use the platform to look for Recommendations.


Accordingly, as a business proprietor, it’s imperative for you to remove Facebook reviews that don’t mirror your organization.


If your Facebook page contains unanswered bad reviews, potential clients could sneak past your fingers. Speculate at the amount one bad review could cost your business? It’s more than you’d might suspect.


Look at this post to see how much a client grievance cost one private company. FYI – A bad organization reputation costs enterprises a huge number of dollars.


How to report and remove fake Facebook reviews


Facebook should remove certain reviews and Recommendations automatically. For instance, spam content and hate speech violate Facebook’s community standards and will be deleted. What’s more, any

review that is absolutely unessential to your business, for example, those that disregard to make reference to you by any stretch of the imagination, ought to likewise meet all requirements for unprompted removal.


Be that as it may, fake reviews may go undetected. Try not to stress. Here’s a couple of tricks to choose.


Tips to spot fake reviews on Facebook.


If you find suspicious reviews on your Facebook page, first ensure they’re authentic. Check your records and confirm that the exchanges happened the manner in which the clients guarantee. Would you be

able to discover records of the clients? Do your exchange logs coordinate with their depictions? If not, you may manage fake Facebook reviews.


Fraudulent negative reviews can originate from various sources : contending businesses, angry previous workers, spammers, individuals who erroneously post their review on the wrong business page, and so on. Here are a few different ways to distinguish fakes:


  • Ambiguous descriptions
  • Reviewer is associated with a competitor (or previous representative)
  • Recommending a rival in the grumbling

Regardless of whether bad Facebook reviews are valid, you ought to react to every one of them.


Begin with a apology. At that point notice that you can’t discover a record of his or her exchange. This will make an impression on deceitful analysts that you’re onto their diversion while as yet flaunting your phenomenal client benefit. By and large calling the objection fake could reverse discharge and make different clients trust you less.  After responding, the subsequent stage is to report them. Here’s the way :


Steps to report fake Facebook reviews


  1. Navigate to the Reviews tab of your business page.
  2. Click the three horizontal dots in the upper right-hand corner of the review.
  3. Click “Give feedback on this recommendation.”


Facebook will ask you “What’s going on,” and you’ll need to select one of the following choices:


  1. Suggestion Not Relevant (utilized for fake as well as insignificant reviews)
  2. Out of line Recommendation (utilized for suspected paid reviews)
  3. Bareness, Violence, Harassment, Suicide or Self-Injury, Spam, Drugs and Hate Speech.
  4. Select the most suitable reason and provide more details if asked to do so.


When you’ve done this, all that is left to do is pause. Sadly, there’s no solid measure of time for to what extent it will take to decide the destiny of the review. The main reports destined to be settled in a convenient way are those that contain dangers or other illicit substance. You will be informed with respect to whether the review will be brought down or not once the detailing procedure has been finished.

How to remove a bad review on Facebook


Shockingly, you can’t remove reviews from Facebook that another person composed if they’re honest. Your solitary any expectation of getting them brought down is to settle the circumstance through

discretion or outstanding client benefit. In case you’re ready to present appropriate reparations with the client, they may delete their very own review for you. In situations where you can’t settle the issue, you ought to at least respond to the protest to recount your side of the story.


Advice for responding to negative Facebook reviews


If your business accomplished something to accumulate a negative review, pursue the best possible behavior to win back the client’s trust. If you handle the circumstance effortlessly, your client may even delete the first review. At very least, you should “like” the review. In any case, in the event that you need a shot at winning back their support, you’ll have to react.


Recognize their mistake or outrage, offer a genuine conciliatory sentiment. At that point make a move to make the circumstance right. Endeavor to see the review as a shot for you to build your transparency via social networking media and hotshot your great client benefit.


How to handle bad ratings

Ratings still show up on Facebook business pages despite the fact that they’re never again acknowledged. That is bad news for businesses in light of the fact that just criticism that incorporates a remark can be accounted for. Since you can’t remove fake Facebook reviews that don’t have remarks, the most ideal approach to deal with bad star reviews is, once more, to react.


Ask the individual who posted the rating on reveal to you how you could enhance your business. Regardless of whether they don’t react, this in any event demonstrates alternate clients looking down your page that you’re willing to go well beyond to refine your client experience.


How to remove all reviews on your Facebook page


I recognize what you’re considering…


For what reason would anybody need to remove positive reviews from their Facebook page? Since that is the quickest and least demanding approach to hide bad Facebook that could demolish your reputation.


Let’s be honest; once in a while a business experiences an unpleasant time. Perhaps a defective item was reviewed, or a store director reliably given awful client benefit. In the interim, furious clients overwhelmed your Facebook page with heaps of true one-star online reviews.


Be that as it may, you made a move and settled everything that wasn’t right. Your items are first rate and client benefit has never been something more. Perhaps you even got a couple of positive reviews. However the negative remarks just won’t leave and they’re dragging your sparkling new reputation through the mud.


While it’s in every case best to remove unseemly reviews when conceivable, this procedure can take a while. Private ventures will most likely be unable to hang tight for them to be brought down. In the event that is the situation, your best strategy might be to just turn off Recommendations altogether.


Follow these steps to remove reviews from Facebook


  1. From your Facebook business page, click “Settings.”
  2. Select “Templates and Tabs.”
  3. Scroll down to find “Reviews” and click the “Settings” button.
  4. Toggle off “Show Reviews” and click “Save.”


Note that turning off Recommendations won’t delete Facebook reviews, it just hides them. That implies if you choose to walk out on once more, all the negative ones will return.

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