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Algorip is a proactive online reputation software that has helped thousands of businesses worldwide with their marketing and sales! Algorip provides a one of a kind solution that helps businesses to manage their entire online interface under a single dashboard. Our software also has the ability to drive local positive reviews for any business or industry to any platform, along with our patented GO-IP fake negative review recognition and deletion technology which ensures increased ratings faster than any other solution on the market. Based in Los Angeles CA, with additional R&D offices in Tel-Aviv Israel, and 24/7 customer support center in Mumbai India, Algorip is apart of Renesent, Inc, an INC5000 fastest growing companies in the US, we have been featured in a number of known publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and many more
Some feedback can be deleted within 24 hours. Generally, we ask for 90 days in our contract. Popularity, age, and flagging all play a role in how long it will take to see results.
No. Here at Algorip we understand that mistakes happen. Not all complaints are fair, some complaints come from competing companies. For the complaints that are real we do not believe one mistake should ruin everything you've worked so hard for. We do have a policy to turn down clients that we believe are a current danger to the public.
Currently we can delete content from over 20,000 sites. Algorip has successfully reviews, blogs, attack websites, articles, complaints, mugshots, documents, pdf’s, pictures, videos, and more.
We do not use lawyers. That method no long works due to the 1st amendments.
That depends on the difficulty on hat you would like removed. We’ve worked with small businesses for as low as $395 and quoted as much as $50,000. For a free quote give us a call! 415-918-6690
Yes, we have plans for generating positive reviews to boost visibility on search engines with keyword enriched positive reviews.
Both, Algorip works with large corporations and small businesses. With over 500 new businesses every month.
Yes, we remove negative content through public IPs thats anyone can access, which will filter the content or block that user completely (they will not know what happen to their accounts)

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