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Algorip creates futuristic solutions to captivate audiences and drive experiences to bring customers back.

Generate tremendous ROI with Algorip

Increase brand awareness

Longer views and engagement time compared with regular 2D digital signage

Generate leads

High probability to get much more visibility wherever you are

Drive emotional response

Most audiences show signs of excitement interacting with 3D Holographics

Convert sales

Algorip 3D Holographics creates more trust with prospects and helps close more deals

Choose your powerful display

Over two dozen holographic features for immersive displays.
Billion-dollar tech for crystal-clear presentations.
Space-saving design with full-scale performance.

Algorip Smartcast

Powerful broadcast technology to attract customers

Pocket-sized projector : ideal for projecting commercials and product demonstrations to captivate large audiences.

Lightweight at 700g
DLP type, 100 ANSI lumens
Android 9 with up to 32GB ROM
Dual-band WiFi (2.4G/5G)
Built-in 3D and HiFi audio
VR and AR video formats

Algorip Smartcast

Interactive Holographic Avatar

Transform customer experience with Digital Avatar and ChatGPT’s Cutting-Edge Integration

Real-time speech
2-way interactions
Devices connectivity
Always-on virtual service.
Captivating hologram messaging.
Easy app-based management.

Algorip Smartcast

Smart Wall Display

A 3D holographic Wall solution with remarkable features and now a genuine alternative to standard video wall or LED solutions

Instant multilingual avatar interaction.
2-way interactions
Broad device compatibility
Always-on virtual service.
Captivating hologram messaging.
Easy app-based management.

Easily operate Algorip content, cloud, and hardware

Display holographics

A four-ray rotor display that projects a floating 3D content in midair

Powerful software suite

Easily control and manage content with secure cloud and hardware devices

Various contents

Create, order, and upload quality 3D content solutions

Check out our technology in action

Cutting edge holographic Wall managed by a built-in Algorip Software Suite.


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Featuring prominently in top industry publications, shining a light on its groundbreaking impact.

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“Hologram display has revolutionized client interactions in our space, captivating attention with its multilingual capabilities and boosting our sales with its 24/7 service."”

Iva Ryan

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