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The misson

To simplify individuals' and organizations' daily tasks easily through AI machine learning without breaking the bank.

Personalised AI assistant

Intelligent prioritization

Hands-free operation

Stress-free reminders


Your new communication device

Crafted to liberate you from the clutter of screens and the chaos of social media, this device empowers you to prioritize the essentials in life.

WiFi / 5G LTE Functionality
Messaging & Call Integration
Speaker to Receive Messages
Voice Recognition
18 Hours Battery Life
3rd Party Integration

Personal, Private, and Secured

Your personal details are shielded with the highest level of security.

Your information is confidential
The algorithm is fully secured and monitored
Assistants are highly vetted and background-checked
We protect your personal information and private
Technology is fully integrated to safeguard your privacy

Integrate your device with the future of artificial intelligence

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We are your assistants

Manage your calendar and to-dos

Algorip AI Assistant seamlessly integrates with your google / IOS calendar, helping you keep track of appointments, meetings, and deadlines.

We notify you who’s calling and patch you through

Algorip devices provides you the caller ID, so you're informed before answering. For urgent calls, it connects you immediately, ensuring you never miss a critical call.

Remind you of what is important

Our AI understands the significance of your commitments and nudges you with timely alerts, keeping what's important at the forefront of your day.

Answer your every question in any language

Ask any question and receive an answer in the language of your choice, breaking down language barriers and expanding your communication horizons.

Business grows with Algorip

Website design

A well-crafted resume increases  of your dream job.

Ad campaigns

Analyze competitor,trendy keywords

5-star reviews

Generate more visibility, increasing your

Online listings

Integrate platforms, listings, and much more

Social media

Create and schedule posts in advance


Relevant product optimizer with automated

AI suppression

Proactively suppress damaging articles

Customer surveys

Find out what customers say, prevent negative

Customizable Templates

Real-time reporting under a single dashboard


Automate your department with technology

Sales & Support

Meet customer needs faster, set your team  


AI GEO algorithm to target local audiences

Spectacular AI videos in minutes

Broadcast your customers, employees, and walk-in news, promos, and tutorials simply by typing in text and turning it into a video.

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Algorip Smartcast

Powerful broadcast technology to attract customers

Pocket-sized projector : ideal for projecting commercials and product demonstrations to captivate large audiences.

Lightweight at 700g
DLP type, 100 ANSI lumens
Android 9 with up to 32GB ROM
Dual-band WiFi (2.4G/5G)
Built-in 3D and HiFi audio
VR and AR video formats

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